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Why Injured Workers Run to Attorneys with Jennifer Zupp

In the first episode of The Comp Effect podcast, host Todd Thams interviews Jennifer Zupp, Co-Owner of Zupp & Zupp Law Firm. Jennifer talks about her knowledge and expertise in litigating Workers’ Compensation and shares lessons and advice to help business owners, risk managers, and HR professionals. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Jennifer shares her background and what made her go into the Worker’s Compensation area. (3:34)
  • Jennifer mentions the number one tip that drives people to her. (6:28)
  • Todd explains why there’s always a cost containment on any Workers’ Compensation claim. (9:13)
  • Jennifer explains the importance of reporting the injury to the insurance company. (16:37)
  • What happens if a worker has been taken out of work for a work-related injury, and no benefits have been paid? (17:44)
  • Jennifer shares why attending a Worker’s Compensation seminar is beneficial. (33:55)
  • How often does Jennifer go to court against an insurance company? (35:36)
  • Jennifer mentions what they typically do in their businesses. (51:20)
  • Todd asks Jennifer three random questions. (59:18)

Key Quotes:

  • “I feel like I have a real good upbringing, a good perspective on what it really means to be tied to your job, and when that’s taken away from somebody or the job is in jeopardy, it really impacts the family.” – Jennifer Zupp
  • “The story that gets told is that workers are just out to get something. But I guarantee you, Workers’ Compensation is not the golden ticket to paradise for most people. It’s a means to an end, and it does work well if the processes are followed.” – Jennifer Zupp
  • “Be nice to each other, we have so much going on in this world today that affects us all. And the reality is probably what affects us most is our families, our communities, those around us. So, just treat each other with respect and remember, what goes around, comes around.” – Jennifer Zupp

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