Work Comp Fraud Investigation Is a Family Business

In this episode of The Comp Effect podcast, host Todd Thams interviews Don Dunn, CEO/Investigator at The R&D Agency and Brianna Dunn, the Director of Sales & Marketing. They discuss their approach to investigating fraud and exaggerated insurance claims and explain the importance of pre-employment screenings.

Episode Highlights:

  • Don shares his background. (1:54)
  • Don shares his experience doing surveillance. (3:44)
  • When did Don start the agency? (5:38)
  • Brianna shares her background. (6:20)
  • When Brianna joined the family business, what was the training like? (7:31)
  • Brianna shares what she does in the agency. (9:23)
  • Don mentions the courses they offer in Minnesota. (10:01)
  • What are some of the factors that Don’s agency is legally and not legally allowed to do? (11:00)
  • What are their steps when doing an investigation? (21:09)
  • Brianna mentions what they would recommend with the pre-employment process. (29:51)
  • Does the employer have access to the same databases as Brianna? (32:57)
  • Brianna mentions the cost of their standard pre-employment screening. (33:56)
  • Don shares the most successful fraud investigations he experienced. (37:04)

Key Quotes:

  • “You must start with that comprehensive address history. And look at all the states they’ve lived in the last seven years. And that is something that we’re always sure to do in our plant pre-employment screenings here.” – Brianna Dunn
  • “There are many employers that wish they would have done things right the first time around, and I get it, you’re desperate for employees, depending on the job market, they’re not knocking your door down for this job, you get a live body come in and you think they can do it. You’re going to hire him and hope for the best. And sometimes it works out. But sometimes you wish you would have done your due diligence.” – Don Dunn
  • “Sometimes you can help people out. It’s not all about the money. Sometimes it’s just about doing something good for somebody. And that’s one of the things that Bri and I love about this business is we can help people.” – Don Dunn

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