The Future of Risk Avoidance with Wearables

In this episode of The Comp Effect podcast, host Todd Thams interviews Gabriel Glynn, of Mākusafe Corporation, to discuss how technology is changing the future of safety. Never before captured data can help protect workers, actually prevent injuries and creates a 1000% ROI.

Episode Highlights:

  • Gabriel shares his background. (2:42)
  • Gabriel mentions their idea and genesis for building Mākusafe. (6:19)
  • How does Gabriel keep their employees safe? (11:10)
  • How did Gabriel come up with Mākusafe? (13:09)
  • Gabriel shares the sensor-packed piece of technology that they have. (17:54)
  • Gabriel mentions the things that they don’t do with their technology. (21:26)
  • Gabriel shares why he believes that every workspace will eventually have a wearable device. (24:42)
  • Gabriel mentions the release of their product. (45:25)

Key Quotes:

  • “Five years later, we very much see ourselves as an insure-tech company, with a greater mission even than safety today. It just makes a lot of sense that we’re at this intersection where accidents and dollars and companies that want to keep people healthy and safe and happy…They all kind of just converge here in this space.” – Gabriel Glynn
  • “Now we have all of this data, and we can begin to understand…What is that magic confluence of these factors that are going to accelerate fatigue in a worker and heighten the risk for the day? When we know that, then we can start being more proactive and preventive in the way we approach it.”  – Gabriel Glynn
  • “Oftentimes, we fixate on some sort of end game or some sort of prize. We think that once we get to that level of achievement, we’ll have satisfaction and happiness. The Bible’s pretty clear, that’s not how life works, right? It’s a rich, wonderful experience. You get a chance to meet tons of people, have some really cool adventures. So, just encourage people to enjoy the moments as they’re happening.” – Gabriel Glynn

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