Loving Your Injured Workers

In this episode of The Comp Effect podcast, host Todd Thams interviews Natalie Torres, the Senior Director of Client Solutions at Workfinders USA. Natalie shares her personal experiences on why grace and compassion are the key to helping injured workers find meaningful alternate work. Her expertise helps businesses nationwide reduce costs and create a better experience for employees.

Episode Highlights:

  • Natalie mentions what it means to be an advocate. (2:17)
  • Does Natalie work with individual employers and insurance companies? (3:05)
  • Natalie shares what her typical day looks like. (5:13)
  • Natalie gives an example of what a light-duty return to work program looks like. (10:27)
  • Natalie discusses Cards for Kids and Operation Gratitude. (12:20)
  • Natalie gives insight on meaningful, alternative return to work programs. (16:26)
  • Natalie shares her career background in worker’s compensation. (19:39)
  • Natalie shares a five step empathy exercise. (28:11)
  • Natalie gives advice on return to work programs. (38:39)
  • What types of alternate transitional work are available in our communities? (42:50)

Key Quotes:

  • “What it means to be an advocate is to be the person to get out into the community for the injured worker when they can’t. We’re often working with folks who may have light duty restrictions or permanent restrictions that need to make a splash back into the workforce.” – Natalie Torres
  • “When you start to walk through this quick exercise, if you have a hard time identifying it and you’re feeling those feelings, that’s okay…Because we don’t all do that either right away. We can look to other folks within the industry to try to support advocacy for injured workers through some different return to work specialties.” – Natalie Torres
  • “When your direction is lost or the heading is lost and if it’s your first time walking through the process, try to bring your focus back to the injured worker. Try to shove aside claims matters or attorneys or litigation, and just try to reconnect with the person that’s standing in front of you.” – Natalie Torres

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