Making Workers Compensation Insurance Sparkle

In this episode of The Comp Effect podcast, host Todd Thams interviews Dr. Claire Muselman, Director at the Workers Compensation Recovery Unit at Continental Western Group. Dr. Claire Muselman is leading the charge to change an industry. They don’t call her glitter and sparkles for nothing. Her positivity is changing the way work comp claims are handled and leading to better experiences for injured workers.

Episode Highlights:

  • Dr. Claire Muselman shares how she got into the insurance industry. (2:05)
  • Dr. Claire Muselman discusses human connection and making a difference. (5:55)
  • Dr. Claire Muselman mentions issues specific to workers’ compensation. (12:35)
  • What has been the focal point of Dr. Claire Muselman’s workers’ recovery group? (13:35)
  • Dr. Claire Muselman mentions one of the first elements they noticed when debuting the workers’ recovery. (33:20)
  • Why is immediate injury reporting necessary? (36:40)
  • Dr. Claire Muselman gives a little background on her work and transitions. (46:12)
  • Dr. Claire Muselman tells us about the book she’s currently reading: Relentless Solution Focus, by Dr. Jason Selk and Dr. Ellen Reed. (1:02:56)
  • Dr. Claire Musselman says she’s spending more money on coffee. (1:04:38)
  • Dr. Claire Muselman gives a new piece of advice to listeners. (1:05:33)

Key Quotes:

  • “If you are a leader of people, you need to understand the basics of workers’ compensation…Because if you have someone who is injured, you as the leader of that human being are the most important person to reach out to check in on that person. You are that number one communication guiding front, and you will help navigate the tone of what is yet to come.” – Dr. Claire Muselman
  • “Wherever you’re at, you should have some knowledge of how to really make that human connection, so somebody in their darkest time can find a way to see the light and understand that, hey, we’re sorry that this happened to you. Let’s figure out how we can make it better. Let’s figure out how we can help you heal and get somebody back to being a functional, contributing member of society.” – Dr. Claire Muselman
  • “I really think that everyone has a wonderful place that they can play in this space. I think when we look at our own scope of control, we can all make each day better for one another…You just have to act.” – Dr. Claire Muselman

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