Managing Work Comp Claims with Zenjuries

In this episode of The Comp Effect podcast, host Todd Thams interviews Jess Dantice, founder of the best work comp software in the world. His software Zenjuries puts the injured worker at the center of the claim. It also helps close claims faster and for 33% less.  He’s passionate about work comp and ready to help you with work comp claims.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jess shares his backstory. (2:05)
  • What’s the biggest reason Jess wanted to go into business? (5:27)
  • Where did the idea for Zenjuries originate? (7:50)
  • Jess discusses why workers comp is a broken system. (18:22)
  • Jess shares four simple steps on injury reporting. (25:07)
  • Jess walks us through the mobile app they’ve created. (28:09)
  • Jess explains why their software negotiates a 30.3% better claim outcome. (31:37)
  • Jess mentions that he’s currently reading The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald. (58:39)
  • Jess tells us he’s been spending more money on car accessories. (1:00:29)
  • Jess gives a piece of advice to the listeners. (1:01:38)

Key Quotes:

  • “If you want this coverage and it erases a million-dollar exposure… buy it! If you don’t, I don’t care. Because, risk assumption is part of reinsurance, right? You can try it. You don’t have to transfer all insurance. Assuming risk is okay too, as long as you did it on purpose. So, that’s how we behave in the property and casualty world.” – Jess Dantice
  • “We couldn’t find anybody trying to play in this particular space that we’re going to share with you today, which in my opinion, is where the needle moves the most in either direction…Either good or bad. We want to influence it towards the good. We don’t want just the insurance carriers to win.” – Jess Dantice
  • “At the end of the day, none of this is rocket science, right? This is simple communication, quick. It’s designed to erase all of the fat and the fluff and the waste that is just typical in every claim, in a traditional work comp system. That’s what we do. And, the better we can get people to participate in this ecosystem with us, we’re going to get even better results than 30.3%.” – Jess Dantice

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