Work Comp Shop Talk with Jason Cass

In this episode of The Comp Effect podcast, host Todd Thams interviews Jason Cass, Managing Partner at The Insurance Alliance, and Owner of Agency Intelligence. Industry experts Jason Cass and Todd Thams talk about all things workers’ compensation. Listen to find out things most agents don’t talk about, how to bid insurance, and other industry information.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jason shares why the work comp in Illinois is a nightmare. (3:38)
  • Jason mentions an interesting thing Travis pointed out. (8:25)
  • Jason shares why 50% to 60% of the time the mod sheet is wrong. (9:21)
  • How would Jason fix a mod problem? (44:14)
  • Jason explains his current main focus: nonprofits. (50:59)
  • Jason mentions that the last book he read was Adrift: Seventy-Six Days Lost at Sea. (55:18)
  • Jason shares that he’s been spending more money on his studio. (57:29)
  • Jason gives a valuable message to the listeners. (58:15)

Key Quotes:

  • “One thing we do know, is we position ourselves to be able to say to the buyer, when I’m first meeting them, walking in their business, having a zoom call with them, whatever that could be… that first encounter, is helping them understand positioning. Positioning in the fact that I am here. Not because if you say no, I’m going to the next person. Or, I’ve already been to the person across the street. I’m here specifically to see you because I do your industry. I know your business and I did my homework.” – Jason Cass
  • “Positioning is the most important. Both sides of the coin on that one. If you’re an agent, or you’re that buyer, that’s important to understand that, that person is there for a reason. When I tell you that I have my homework done, I do have my homework done.” – Jason Cass
  • “Data is going to make you a smarter agent. But, it’s also going to be able to help you. Agents, the number one thing they say is, I got into this business because I like to help people.” – Jason Cass

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