Listen to Me and Treat Me like a Human

In this episode of The Comp Effect podcast, host Todd Thams interviews Lisa Fitzpatrick, DrOT, CHT, CAE, CEAS, Owner of XcelABLE. Lisa talks about her company and passion for helping injured workers with pain management. As someone who has struggled with managing her physical pain, she knows what claimants go through and has ideas to help. Listen to how her company helps with health and wellness.

Episode Highlights:

  • Lisa mentions what they do inside the company. (3:39)
  • Lisa shares her background. (5:30)
  • Lisa shares other people’s thoughts about chronic pain management. (9:25)
  • How does Lisa address the issues when tests do not show pain, but the injured worker says he’s in pain? (22:31)
  • Why doesn’t Lisa recommend the regular use of drugs to manage chronic pain? (28:14)
  • Lisa explains why she brought yoga into the company. (40:34)
  • Lisa shares how their app works. (48:03)
  • Lisa mentions that she’s currently reading the book entitled Option B, by Sheryl Sandberg. (1:00:37)
  • Lisa mentions that she’s spending more money on her children. (1:03:01)
  • Lisa gives a piece of advice to the listeners. (1:05:48)

Key Quotes:

  • “I find from the workers’ comp perspective, it’s a lot of education and having other professionals know of the different companies that are out there and our own personal experiences, and why we work with companies, and the things that we can collectively do together.” – Lisa Fitzpatrick, DrOT, CHT, CAE, CEAS
  • “Our program is designed to number one, yes, work with employers and help with injury prevention and injury reduction. But, really working with employees and providing more of this comprehensive service to help you with your mindset… your ability to take care of your body. Anywhere from stretching to nutrition to strengthening.” – Lisa Fitzpatrick, DrOT, CHT, CAE, CEAS
  • “If you have high injury rates, then it is so important to get us in there, so we can look at your premiums, look at how we can really work collectively together to bring down your insurance premiums and then implement a wellness culture.” – Lisa Fitzpatrick, DrOT, CHT, CAE, CEAS

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