Employment Law Advice – Post COVID-19

In this episode of The Comp Effect podcast, host Todd Thams interviews Melissa Schilling, shareholder at Dickinson, Mackaman, Tyler & Hagen, P.C. Melissa stops by to educate us on what businesses can legally do when bringing employees back to the office. Can you require vaccines? Can you require facemasks? Can you terminate an employee who doesn’t get vaccinated? She answers all these questions and more!

Episode Highlights:

  • Melissa shares her background. (1:50)
  • What’s Melissa’s favorite area of practice? (3:36)
  • Melissa explains what happens if an employee doesn’t want to get vaccinated. (5:40)
  • Melissa mentions what the Americans with Disabilities Act is all about. (11:53)
  • What approach should employers take when it comes to anxiety? (16:18)
  • Melissa explains why the CDC guidelines can be difficult to enforce. (38:32)
  • Melissa mentions that she likes to read the news. (40:55)
  • Melissa mentions that she’s been spending more money on baby gear. (41:15)

Key Quotes:

  • “For the most part, I focus on representing employers, making sure they do the right thing, and if they mess up, or alleged to mess up, then I help defend them in any sort of lawsuit.” – Melissa Schilling
  • “Employers can do little things to incentivize their employees to get vaccinated and come up with a creative idea. Call your attorney, as to what you may be able to do in order to incentivize employees.” – Melissa Schilling
  • “When it comes to business operations and protecting employees, the most conservative approach has always been to follow CDC guidelines.” – Melissa Schilling

Resources Mentioned:

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